Single Family Office from Vienna Invests in Pliant’s €5.5M Seed Round

Single Family Office from Vienna Invests in Pliant's €5.5M Seed Round

The German fintech Pliant just raised €5.5M of additional funding during its seed round. The financing round was led by Carsten Maschmeyer’s funds Alstin and his early stage investor Seed+Speed. Amongst the investors is also the Austrian single family office Saber.

Pliant: Employee credit cards

The Berlin-based startup Pliant offers credit cards for employees with high limits. Companies can use Pliant’s cards for ads, business travel and IT costs. This is especially relevant for young tech companies that have various needs with high costs. Besides that, Pliant offers a user-friendly web interface. So far, the company differentiates its offering between “Starter”, “Premium” and “Enterprise” solutions. Competitors in the field are companies like Moss and Pleo.

Single family office from Vienna amongst investors

As mentioned before, investors in Pliant include Alstin, Seed+Speed (both vehicles of Carsten Maschmeyer), Main Incubator (vehicle of German bank Commerzbank) and the Vienna-based Saber single family office. The single family office from Vienna is focused on venture capital, private equity and real estate. Geographically, the family office invests in Europe, US and Israel. Other portfolio companies include Blue Planet Ecosytems, XACT Robotics, emmy or kianava.

Source: Businessinsider, 31.08.2021
Picture source: Lizenzfreie Wien Bilder kostenlos herunterladen

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