Büll Single Family Office Invests in Wirelane’s €18M Series B

Büll Single Family Office Invests in Wirelane's €18M Series B

Wirelane’s slogan is “paving the way to e-mobility”. Now, the startup paved its way to a new financing round: through its Series B, the startup from Munich raised additional €18M. Amongst the investors is the German Büll single family office from Hamburg.

Wirelane: Full-service solution provider in e-mobility

The startup from Munich aims to be the leading provider of solutions in the e-mobility sector. This ranges from charging stations, software, management tools and access tools. Wirelane mainly works for major customers like BMW, Vattenfal or Bouygues, cities or travel companies. Through Wirelane, customers can optimize their charging network and keep track of costs and tariffs. In January, Wirelane had two major hires. Bernhard Seidl became new CFO, Chris Blättermann became Vice President Software products and Sebastian Bott became Vice President Customer Service & Maintenance.

Büll family office invests in Wirelane

Wirelane raised in total €18M, comprised by €12.1M new capital and €5.9M debt that was turned into equity. Former investors like the German High-Tech-Gründerfonds participated in the round, as well as the Büll Family Office through its investment vehicle Abacon Capital. Abacon Capital is the investment branch of the Büll Family Office for all liquid assets and venture capital investments. This also includes startup investment along all phases. The wealth of the Büll family is based on the B&L Group, which was founded 50 years ago by Albert Büll and which is focused on real estate development.

Source: Electrive, 31.08.2021
Picture Source: Alexander Bagno (Unsplash), 31.08.2021

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