List of 3 Single Family Offices from the Middle East that invest in Venture Capital

List of 3 Single Family Offices from the Middle East that invest in Venture Capital

Many parts of the Middle East became extraordinarily wealthy in the oil rush and in the years since then. There is great fortune and many respected and wealthy families in the region and a considerable share of the Middle East single family offices have a focus on venture capital. In our list of the largest Single Family Offices in the Middle East we have the largest ones catalogued. Most of the offices that invest in venture capital are often from Israel or from the UAE. In the following we introduce to you three single family offices from the Middle East that invest in venture capital.

The mentioned family offices are all part of our list of the largest single family offices in the Middle East

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#1 Vera Capital (Istanbul/Turkey)

Vera Capital is a private single family office located in Istanbul. It was founded in 2015 by Ahmet Ozokur, a member of the Ulker family and a stakeholder of Yildiz Holding. The Ulker family is considered to be the richest family in Turkey and Yildiz Holding is the holding company of the family. Ahmet Ozokur established Vera Capital in 2015 with the aim to manage a part of his money. The purpose of Vera Capital is to actively invest in early stage tech startups either through direct investment or through funds. Vera Capital has a flexible attitude towards its investments taking either minority or majority positions in a company and also have different levels of involvement. Vera Capital invests in early stage startups in North America, Northern Europe and Turkey. The company usually invests either in Seed and/or Series A rounds and their initial investments is 500000USD – 750000USD while the total investment can go up to 5 Million USD. 

#2 Aurum Ventures M.K.I (Ramat Gan/ Israel)

Aurum Ventures was founded by Morris Kahn, who is a wealthy Israeli businessman, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Mr. Kahn is one of the founders of the Aurec Group, a leading communication, media and information provider around the world. Aurum Ventures acts as the technology investment firm of Mr. Kahn and is focused on venture capital in the healthcare industry. The company’s investment focus is on cutting-edge technology companies while maintaining long-term investments, as innovations in the healthcare sector can take time to evolve and develop. An exemplary investment is the company Beyetronics, who develops innovative surgeon-centered visualisation technologies that improve the efficiency of the surgeon and enhance patient safety and surgical outcomes. 

#3 Al Zayani Investments (Manama/ Kingdom of Bahrain)

Al Zayani Investments is the private investment vehicle of the Al Zayani family. The company was established in 1977 and invests in a broad range of asset classes. The company recently established Al Zayani Venture Capital to invest in startups and disruptive technologies. The venture capital firm will be an important part of Al Zayani Investments going into the future said chairman Nawaf Khalid Al Zayani. Al Zayani Venture Capital intends to invest in Bahrain and the region. 

Picture source: Anna Berdnik

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