List of 3 Single Family Offices from Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv single family offices

Tel Aviv is the second largest city in Israel located right at the mediterranean sea. Tel Aviv is famous for its nightlife and is also called the “party capital” in the Middle East. The city is also known as the world’s vegan capital, as it has the highest per Capita amount of vegans. Tel Aviv is the economic and technological centre of Israel with a booming startup culture. Allmost all of the single family offices in our list of the largest single family offices in Israel are actively investing in venture capital and startups.

The mentioned family offices are all part of our list of the largest single family offices in the Middle East

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#1 Atooro Fund

Atooro Fund is the private investment vehicle of Jacob Engel. Jacob Engel is an Israeli businessman who emigrated to Israel from Croatia in 1951. Engel started out as a property developer and speculator and is now active in the mining sector as well as the CEO of Engelinvest. Engel established Atooro Fund as his venture capital investment vehicle and based it in Tel Aviv. Atooro Fund invests primarily in agri-food tech, quantum computing, space commercialization, perceptual computing, artifical intelligence, and cyber security. Their agri-food focus is on autonomous beehives, novel farming systems and bio-energy. An exemplary investment for this area would be Beewise, a company that engineers the world’s first robotic beehives. For cyber security Atooro focuses on hacking prevention, embedded protection, and mobile device protection. An exemplary investment is the firm nanolock . Atooro Fund’s artificial intelligence focus is  on computer vision, artificial neural networks, and natural language processing. An exemplary invested company is Kardome. 

#2 Dynamic Loop Capital

Dynamic Loop Capital, or short DLC is the single family office of Sir Ronald Cohen. He is an Egyptian born British businessman often described as the “father of European venture capital” and the “father of social investing”. Dynamic Loop Capital is his venture capital investment office. Noteworthy investments include Allegro AI a leading maschine learning tool developer and AlphaTau, a firm that concentrates on different kind of cancer treatments.

#3 O.G. Tech

O.G Tech is a Tel Aviv based venture capital investment firm owned by Eyal Ofer. Eyal Ofer is a billionaire businessman, who made his fortune through real estate and shipping. He is the chairman of Ofer Global, Zodiac Group and Global Holdings. O.G. Tech was launched in 2017 and has so far made 21 investments in highly profitable startup companies. O.G. Tech primarily invests in early growth stage startups, typically in a Series B or C round with an initial check size of 5-15 million USD. Interesting investments are WSC Sports, a company that analyses live sports broadcasts with advanced AI and maschine learning platforms to automatically create a highlight video of the event. Another investment is Bringg, a leading delivery logistics orchestration solution, creating a new way to for managing delivery options.

Picture source: Adam Jang

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