List of 3 Single Family Offices from Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Single Family Offices

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and the second most populous city. The UAE were established in 1971 after gaining their independence from the British earlier the same year. The president of the UAE is traditionally the ruler of Abu Dhabi, who is a member of the Al Nahyan family. Abu Dhabi is the home of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority the 3rd largest sovereign wealth fund in the world as well as several single family offices. In the following we will present three of them to you.

The mentioned family offices are all part of our list of the largest single family offices in the Middle East

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#1 Private office of Sheikh Mohamed Bin Ahmed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan

The Al Nahyan family is the ruling family of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Many of the family members have their own private family office and invest in national and international assets. Sheikh Mohamed Bin Ahmed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan is seen as the up and coming businessman of the family. His private office invests in a broad range of asset classes. The comapny is not very open about their investments but do have a focus on real estate and private equity. They invest in real estate in Germany, the UAE and many other countries. The private equity focus of the company is on agro-tech, healthcare and sustainable technologies. 

#2 Al Maskari Holding

Al Maskari Holding is the private investment vehicle of the Al Maskari family. Founded in 1968 by Her Highness Sheikha Azza Bint Saif Al Maskari, the patriarch of the Al Maskari family, the company evolved into one of the largest privately owned investment firms in Abu Dhabi. Al Maskari engages in multiple fields of activity from real estate development to advisory. The company always looks for new investments in the real estate sector with a focus on government designated developments and special purpose buildings in the GCC, Europe and Southeast Asia. Al Maskari operates subsidiaries, joint venture companies, strategic partnerships, and private equity in multiple sectors. Their first industry was the the oil & gas industry and they are still proud of their heritage. The company also has invested on multiple levels in the defense & security sector. either through joint ventures with contractors or through direct investments. Al Maskari also focusses on ICT, power generation, sustainability, advisory, financial services and healthcare. 

#3 Al Badie Group

The Al Badie Group was founded in 1967 and is owned by the Al Badie family. The AL Badie family is an important family in Abu Dhabi, having helped the country develop in the early stages after its foundation. The company is a relevant player in the Abu Dhabi real estate market, having build the Al Badie Tower, a 18 story, 400 apartment tower construction.  In 2008 Al Badie created a joint venture with another company through which they heavily invest in the commercial and residential real estate market since while also having multiple hotels. The Al Badie Group is also invested in the auto leasing & rental, defence & security, energy, healthcare, marine, oil & gas services, telecommunications and tourism business.

Picture source: Imtiyaz Ali

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