These three Scandinavian single family offices invest in real estate

scandinavian real estate single family offices

Single family offices – the investment firms of high net worth families – are playing an increasingly important role in the Nordic region. Many SFOs are relying on real estate investments. We introduce you to three interesting Scandinavian single family offices that are real estate investors.

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#1: Pontos, Finland – Investing in real estate development projects and commercial real estate

Pontos is the single family office of Ilpo and Timo Kokkila. Besides private equity and listed companies, pontos actively invests in real estate. Pontos is focusing on real estate development projects (and companies) as well as commercial real estate. Target areas are Finland, Estonia and Portugal, the minimum transaction volume is €10M. Exemplary portfolio objects and projects are a 20% stake in LAK Real Estate (Helsinki) or 100% ownership of the ReLog logistic, warehouse and retail portfolio. Also, hotels like the popular “Sokos Hotel Viru” in Tallinn belong to the portfolio.

#2: Awilhelmsen, Norway – Investments in Offices, Hotels, Retail and Parking

Awilhelmsen is the investment firm of the Wilhelmsen family. The Norwegian single family office was established in 1939 and is today active in the cruise business, real estate, shipping & offshore, retail and industrial investments. In 1990, the Arne Wilhelmsen family entered the real estate market. Investments are made through the fully-owned real estate firm Listow AS. Linstow develops, owns and manages properties in the Nordic and Baltic area. The owns different types of buildings: offices, hotels, shopping centers, parking spaces. Exemplary buildings are the Comfort Hotel at the Bergen Airport, Radisson Sonya Hotel in St. Petersburg or the Galerija Centrs in Riga.

#3: Ferd, Norway – Logistics and Warehousing real estate in Norway

Ferd is the investment company of the Norwegian Andresen family. Ferd is an active investor in capital markets, private equity and real estate. The Norwegian family office owns, develops and operates warehousing and logistic properties. New acquisitions are mainly made in the Oslo area, but also Stavanger, Bergen and Trondheim objects are relevant for the firm. In 2018, Ferd realized a return of NOK 315M through its real estate business.

Picture source: Arvid Malde

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