Simon Rowlands Single Family Office Invests in Alfa Medical Group

Simon Rowlands Single Family Office Invests in Alfa Medical Group

The Alfa Medical Group is a leading health care company in Egypt. Now, UK development finance institution CDC invests alongside the Simon Rowlands single family office (Africa Platform Capital) in a $100M minority equity investment.

Alfa Medical Group: Leading Egyptian diagnostics company

The Egyptian Alfa Medical Group consists of three main parts: the two diagnostics companies Alfa Scan and Alfa Laboratories as well as the El-Safa Hospital. The company runs more than 140 medical labs and six radiology centers. The El Safa hospital hosts 170 beds. Furthermore, the construction of two more hospitals is ongoing. Through the investments, the Alfa group mainly wants to expand its lab business, especially in underserved Egyptian regions.

Impact investment by UK-based Rowlands single family office

The $100M investment of CDC represents the largest impact investment of the institution. Through the investment, the healthcare quality in Egypt is further improved. Along with CDC, Africa Platform Capital is investing in Alfa Medical. Africa Platform Capital is the single family office of Simon Rowlands, who is an expert in healthcare and co-founder of leading private equity firm Cinven. The UK single family office invests mainly in private equity deals in the consumer and healthcare sector in sub-Saharan Africa.

Source: CDC, 10.03.2021
Picture source: Omar Elsharawy

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