Munich Single Family Office Invests in Medtech Startup VisionHealth

Munich Single Family Office Invests in Medtech Startup VisionHealth

VisionHealth is a German digital technology startup that works on solutions for chronic respiratory diseases. Now, the Garching-based startup raised a €1.5M funding round. One of the investors is the Vantage Value GmbH, a Munich-based single family office.

VisionHealth: Digital App for respiratory diseases

The startup from Garching created the health app „Kata®“ which serves as inhalation assistant and thereby solves problems for more than 600 millions of people with respiratory diseases. The app helps to avoid application errors of inhalation devices. Studies show, that more than 90% of the users make such errors, 50% thereof even critical ones. By solving these issues and supporting its users with the use „Kata®“ improves the  health of the patients and the course of the disease. The app analyzes the data provided by the patients and thereby builds big data models, which serve as basis for machine learning algorithms. VisionHealth currently pursues an admission of its app through the German “Bundesinstitut für Arzneimittel und Medizinprodukte”. Through admission, insurances could reimburse the costs of the app. Furthermore, licensing deals with pharma and medtech companies could create further revenue streams. VisionHealth has also established an initial cooperation with German insurer AOK Bayern, thereby enrolling 1,000 asthma and COPD patients.

Munich-based Vantage Value Family Office as an important investor

Vantage Value, a German family office based in Eching (near Munich), invested in VisionHealth’s most recent funding round. Through the €1.5M investment, the further growth of the company should be supported. Another investor in the recent funding round is industry expert Thomas Ecker. Vantage Value is the family office of the Erwin Schimmer and Karl Blöchel, founders of German technology firm cyberTECHNOLOGIES.

Source: MedTech Zwo, 10.03.2021
Picture Source: NordWood Themes

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