Grohe Single Family Office Invests in Dental Technology Company Zircon Medical

Grohe Single Family Office Invests in Dental Technology Company Zircon Medical

Syngroh Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, the German single family office of the Grohe family, acquires a minority share in Zircon Medical. Zircon Medical is a medtech company working on innovative dental implants.

Zircon Medical: innovative dental implants

The Swiss medical technology company Zircon Medical is a leading provider of dental ceramic implant systems. More than 10,000 implants were realized and more than 14 years of clinical data support the benefits of the new technology. Zircon’s Patent™ technology has two main advantages. First, it reduces inflammations. Second, it is more stable than previous materials and completely hydrophilic.

Grohe single family office as an active private equity investor

The Grohe family company, Hansgrohe SE, is a leading sanitary fittings manufacturer with revenues in excess of €1BN. Through the Klaus Grohe family office, the Syngroh Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, a 32% stake in the family company is held. Furthermore, the family office invests in financial products and private equity. The family office targets medium-sized companies with an enterprise value between €10-50M.

Source: Presseportal, 28.02.2021
Picture source: Jonathan Borba

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