Map of New York’s 77 single family offices: where the money resides

Map Single Family Offices New York

New York City is the most important city in the US when it comes to Family Offices and the financial industry in general

Manhattan has been the global capital of the financial industry for decades. In New York City, not only all relevant investment banks are represented, but also many private equity and venture capital funds as well as real estate investors. It is therefore only logical that New York is also home to numerous single family offices. The families behind them come from the United States and from all over the world. Our experienced research team has examined the entire American family office market and created a comprehensive database of the most important US single family offices. New York was under special scrutiny due to the huge amount of high-class family offices that are located in Manhattan (also see our list of the largest Single Family Offices in New York). In this article we would like to explain some insights from the Big Apple using the map above.

Often, wealthy families reside in Upper West Side or Upper East Side and build their SFO in other districts in New York City

The house prices in Upper East Side and Upper West Side are among the highest in the entire USA. Many wealthy families own an apartment in the north of Manhattan and value its proximity to Central Park. However, this does not mean that many single family offices are located here. On the contrary: there are hardly any family offices in Upper East or Upper West Side. This is not surprising considering that most office buildings are located in the heart of Manhattan as well as in the financial district. However, this also means that the search for significant single family offices will be difficult. This is where our semi-automated solutions come in. With the help of our software and crawlers we identify top-notch single family offices and enrich the data with the help of our experienced research team.

New York’s Financial District and Wall Street attract important Single Family Offices

Although the New York financial district is not home to most single family offices, the companies located there are of even higher quality. Like no other place in the world, Wall Street stands for highly professional and successful investment. Prestigious families from the United States want to participate and have established their investment vehicle in the south of Manhattan. In the immediate vicinity of City Hall, there are investment companies that are among the most important players in the city’s capital markets and private equity. With our comprehensive database, you can find out which major single family offices are based in this region.

The map is based on our exclusive database of the largest Single Family Offices based in New York

  • Comprehensive overview of Single Family Offices based in New York
  • Part of our database with SFOs from the US
  • Including: address, phone number, e-mail, investment focus (real estate, private equity, venture capital etc.), family name and many more information
  • Unique opportunity to get in touch with top-notch investment vehicles

Chelsea Market and West Village get more and more attractive for wealthy families and their SFOs

Chelsea is one of the districts in Manhattan that has been boosted the most in recent years. Chelsea Market and The High Line are among the most interesting tourist attractions in New York. In addition, there is the second largest office of the technology group Google and numerous hotels, restaurants, cafés and bars. Former industrial buildings have been upgraded and captivate with their skilful combination of history and future. So it is only logical that this quarter enjoys great popularity. In Chelsea and West Village, the offices of some single family offices have also been stationed in recent years. As you can see on the map, they are not very many investment companies. However, the number of local family offices is rising steadily.

Most secret New York Single Family Offices reside in Midtown Manhatten, close to Central Park, 5th Avenue and Time Square

A look at the map of the Single Family Offices in New York City immediately shows that most SFOs are located in the heart of Manhattan. Between Empire State Building, Bryant Park, Rockefeller Center, Time Square and Central Park there are numerous hidden investment companies of the super-rich. The countless skyscrapers are home not only to multinational companies, but also to small single family offices that would like to remain hidden. In some cases there are even several SFOs in one building. Not only can we tell you where to find the New York family offices, but we can also tell you what investment strategy they are pursuing and what deals they have already made.

A Single Family Office close to Rockefeller Center on 5th Avenue manages the assets of one of the richest American families

Among the New York family offices is a very special investment vehicle. The investment company of one of the richest American families is located in the immediate vicinity of the Rockefeller Center. The company invests in real estate, private equity and venture capital in equal measure and keeps itself extremely hidden. This single family office is a perfect example of the secrecy of the SFOs.

Disclaimer: map created with Batchgeo

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