Daniel Lubetzky's Single Family Office Invests In Yogurt Brand Ellenos
Seattle-based yogurt brand Ellenos received an investment from Daniel Lubetzky's single family office Equilibra Partners Management. Lubetzky is an American billionaire, mainly known for founding the popular snack brand Kind LLC. Ellenos: Seattle-based yogurt manufacturer Ellenos was launched by the Klein and Apostolopoulos families in 2013. The Seattle-based firm started as a scooped yogurt bar... Continue reading →
New York-based Single Family Office Invests In $35M Series C Round Of Blockchain Startup
New York-based startup Digital Asset - which is offering a smart-contract programming language - recently raised a $35M Series C funding round. Amongst the investors is the (also New York-based) single family office of former Blackstone executive Tony James. Synchronizing business processes through blockchain solutions Digital Asset's main product is DAML: a programming language for... Continue reading →