List of 3 large Single Family Offices in Chicago [2022]

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We created this article as part of our research process for our United States single family office list. The list is also included of our list of the world’s largest single family offices.

During the long-lasting research for our list of single family offices in the United States it became clear, that there are many important single family offices who are settling down in Chicago. The City of Chicago is located in in the state of Illinois directly on the shores of freshwater Lake Michigan and counts as the third most populous city in the United States, which is quite impressive if you think about the Great Fire of Chicago in 1871 that almost destroyed the whole city. Today Chicago is an international hub for finance, culture, commerce, industry, education, technology, telecommunications, and transportation. So it is not super surprising that you have a strong and fast growing start up scene there, which is very attractive to many venture capitalists and single family offices. In the following we want to introduce you three important single family offices that are located in Chicago as part of our top-notch list of single family offices in the United States.

#1 Grand Crossing Capital – Family Office Focused on Private Equity Investments in Branded Consumer and Retail Businesses

The Illinois based single family office has made its mission to support consumer and retail businesses with private equity investments helping them to establish strong recognized brands. Therefore Grand Crossing Capital provides growth capital in the range of 5 million U.S. dollars to 25 million U.S. dollars and takes positions in both minority and control situations. The investment firm was formed as a cooperation between experienced consumer-focused private equity professionals and the family that grew the “Wilton Brands”, a branded consumer products business with revenues of 450 million U.S. dollars before its sale in 2007. To be considered as a potential investment by Grand Crossing Capital your business should be a branded consumer or retail business located in the United States with at least an EBITDA of 2 million U.S. dollars. One of their current portfolio companies is “Everglades”. The manufacturer of premium offshore fishing boats was founded in 1997 and is known for its innovative approach to boat building and has established a “cult-like” following among its customers.

#2 Duchossois Capital Management – Single Family Office Investing in Industrial Engineering, Logistics, Consumer, Healthcare and Real Estate

The private investment office manages the assets of the Duchossois Family, who mainly generated their fortune due to the economic activities of the Duchossois Group which was founded in 1983 by Richard L. “Dick” Duchossois. Richard worked for the Thrall Car Manufacturing Company and became CEO in 1952. The firm bought the Chamberlain Manufacturing Corp in 1980 where Richard served as a chairman. In 1983 Richard and his family bought all the interest stakes from the Thrall Family and renamed their company to Duchossois Industries Inc., which later was renamed to Duchossois Group. Duchossois Capital Management was founded in 2013 to manage the fast growing fortunes of the family. The investment firm focuses on private equity and real estate investments but also does invest in funds and public securities. Realizing real estate investments Duchossois Capital Management seeks to partner with experienced real estate investors and operators that focus on office, industrial, residential, commercial real estate objects with investment sizes from 10 million U.S. dollars to 30 million U.S. dollars. When considering private equity transactions, the company relies on businesses active in the fields of industrial engineering, logistics, consumer and healthcare. “Rensa Filtration” is one of the companies in their current portfolio that designs and manufactures air filtration products and services for commercial and industrial applications.

#3 Schwartz Capital Group – Investment Office of Schwartz Family investing in Venture Capital and Multi-Family Real Estate

Schwartz Capital Group was founded in 1996 by Ted Schwartz, who is an award-winning industry pioneer with over 35 years of experience in leading one of the preeminent global outsourced services and solutions businesses in the industry. He founded “APAC Customer Services” and “Expert Global Solutions (EGS)”. Schwartz Capital Group completes real estate investments (mainly multi-family objects) as well as private equity and venture capital investments. When realizing venture capital or private equity transaction Schwartz Capital Group does only use the capital of their so called “Strand Equity” fund which is dedicated to providing growth capital for emerging and dynamic consumer brands. “OppLoans” counts to their current portfolio and is a leading online consumer lender and financial inclusion business. It’s one of the highest-rated online lenders in the country and is known for its exceptional customer service and for both safe and affordable online lending.

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