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Boston as home to numerous highly relevant American single family offices

As part of our intensive research into the American family office market, we paid particular attention to Boston. The capital of Massachusetts is one of the oldest and wealthiest cities in the USA and an important science and business location. Harvard and MIT have been attracting the best students in the world for decades and contributing to a vibrant ecosystem. This elitist environment is also home to many wealthy families who have established their single family office in Boston. In this article, we would like to discuss two family offices that are part of our comprehensive database of the largest American SFOs. Further insights can be found in numerous articles on our website. We look forward to making it easier for you to access the world of discreet family offices.

#1 Schooner Capital – Single Family Office focused Private Equity investments in technology and healthcare companies

Schooner Capital is a typical American family office which is active both in private investments as well as in public equities. While the investments are mainly focused on technology and healthcare companies, the geography of the targets may be quite diverse. The investments are spread all over the world and come from India, the USA and New Zealand, for example. The portfolio companies benefit from Schooner Capital’s in-depth know-how and valuable contacts in various industries. The profits that are made by Schooner Capital are used to support The Schooner Foundation in its human rights efforts around the world.

#2 Raptor Group – Family office of Jim Pallotta investing in technology, consumer, sports, media, financial services & healthcare

Businessman Jim Pallotta is one of the most famous faces from Boston. This is not only due to his position as Co-Owner and Executive Board Member of the Boston Celtics. In fact, the former Vice Chairman at Tudor Investment Corporation made a name for himself as a successful investor. Raptor Group focuses on promising companies from the Technology, Consumer, Sports & Media, Financial Services and Healthcare sectors. The expertise of the experienced investor helps young entrepreneurs to grow quickly and sustainably and to establish valuable business partnerships. The portfolio of successfully promoted start-ups speaks for itself. Among the most frequently noticed exits are Blue Bottle Coffee (Nestlé), Room77 (Google), The Echo Nest (Spotify), Uber (IPO) and Bluefin Labs (Twitter).

Picture source: Osman Rana

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