Map of San Francisco’s single family offices: where the money resides

Map Single Family Offices SF

Why wealthy families establish their single family office in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most important financial centers in the United States. Montgomery Street, also known as “Wall Street of the West”, is particularly well known for this. For very affluent families, SF is therefore an ideal location for a single family office in order to benefit from the financially strong ecosystem. Here, well-trained employees can be recruited, relevant co-investors can be won and partnerships can be formed with numerous players from the financial scene. In addition, it is close to Silicon Valley, which continues to be the world’s most important location for venture capital-focused family offices.

San Francisco’s Financial District is home to the family office of one of the richtest US families

Our extensive database of the most important US single family offices contains numerous investment companies of American billionaires. A highly successful multi-billionaire founded his family office in San Francisco a few years ago. This company is based in the financial district and invests in real estate, private equity and venture capital. In addition, various foundations are promoted and supported.

Silicon Valley entrepreneurs do not set up their SFO in San Francisco but stay near their companies

The map of San Francisco based single family offices does not include too many investment companies. However, the San Francisco Bay Area as a whole is a crucial region for the American SFO landscape. This can be seen in our map of Bay Area’s single family offices. Interestingly, there are more family offices in Silicon Valley than in San Francisco. The direct proximity to the companies and start-ups located there seems to be more important to wealthy individuals and families than access to the financial scene in SF. If you want to know which single family offices are behind the dots on the map, take a look at our comprehensive database of the largest SFOs in California.

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