Coucke family office invests in Dutch bus manufacturer

Alychlo invests in Ebusco IPO

Mike Coucke is a Belgian billionaire who made his fortune with the sale of his pharmaceutical company Omega Pharma. After the sale he founded Belgium based single family office Alychlo as his private investment vehicle through which he has since then invested in many different sectors. He also is the major shareholder of Belgian professional football club RSC Anderlecht.

Dutch electric bus manufacturer invests in the future

Ebusco B.V. is an electric bus manufacturer founded by former rally driver Peter Bijveld and is based in Deurne, Netherlands. The company has so far delivered over 300 fully electric busses to seven European nations. Ebusco has recently opened up a new production hall in Deurne and also has production capacity in China. The company currently employs 214 people and will expand their production capability to around 500 busses next year. The Ebusco 2.2, their current flagship model is a 12 meter long fully electric bus with next generation amenities and safety features. The bus comes equipped with an A/C and usb ports on all seats while also having three-point seatbelts and rearview mirror cameras. The bus has space for up to 90 passengers and the standard model comes with a 350 kWh battery pack which can be upgraded to a 400 kWh battery pack. The company is now going public in an attempt to raise around 300 million USD in additional capital.

Coucke family office Alychlo invests in IPO

Alychlo is the single family office of Mike Coucke. The company is based in Merelbeke, Belgium and invests in a broad range of assets like real estate, construction, pharma, technology, food industry, tourism, and entertainment. Alychlo is now among the new investors for the IPO of Ebusco. Current investors include ING Corporate Investments and Van der Valk Investments, a large dutch hospitality chain. Both companies have a large stake in Ebusco.

Source: New mobility news, 09.11.2021
Picture source: Weston MacKinnon

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