Bonderman Single Family Office Backs Californian Fertility Company

bonderman single family office invests in spring fertility

Recently, Spring Fertility announced a new funding round of Wildcat Capital Management, the single family office of private equity billionaire David Bonderman, that is featured in our list of single family offices in the United States. Spring Fertility offers fertility services and so-called egg freezing. The San Francisco-based company secured a first $3M funding round in 2015. The recent investment of Bonderman’s investment company should advance growth in the bay area and North America.

A leader in Fertility Services In San Francisco

Spring Fertility earns its money by helping women to get pregnant. The core offerings are regular fertility services and egg freezing. Within the fertility services, the company deals with finding the reasons for infertility which can lie in four different areas. Egg freezing helps to plan a successful pregnancy later in life by freezing the “best” eggs. Spring Fertility’s services come with a decent price tag: an egg freezing cycle costs more than $8,750. Additional yearly storage fees occur. Also integrated into Spring Fertility are discounts for veterans, nurses, teachers and firemen as well as the “Giving Back” pledge. The company says that “for every child Spring helps bring into the world, we help women receive skilled & emergency obstetric care in East Africa through Mama Rescue”.

Investment of Bonderman Single Family Office

The only known investment in this round is of Wildcat Capital Management, the Texas based single family office of David Bonderman. Bonderman is a co-founder of TPG capital, a Fort-Worth based private equity fund founded in 1993. Today, TPG has assets under management over $100B. Famous investments of the company include Burger King, Norwegian Cruis Line, Lenovo or Cushman & Wakefield and Airbnb. Now, the successful private equity entrepreneur Sondermann invests via his own single family office. Previous investments of the billionaire already brought big exits: for example, his portfolio company Kite Pharma was sold to Gilead Sciences in 2017. Net profit for Bonderman: $425M.

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