List of the 100 largest SaaS Investor Single Family Offices [2024]

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This list includes 131 single family offices from our global single family office database that mention Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) keywords on their website. Many family offices thereof are actively investing in SaaS startups and firms.

The list includes contact details, investment details, portfolio companies, executives and background information (to the extent of public availability and/or disclosure by the family offices). The list was last updated on January 23rd, 2024.

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List of 3 Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Investor Single Family Offices

Throughout recent years, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) startups got increasingly attractive for venture capital investors. The main difference of SaaS startups is that rather subscriptions are sold instead of one-off software purchases. Through the subscriptions, long-time recurring revenues are created for the startups, making them attractive investment targets. Also family offices are investing more often in SaaS startups. In the following, we are introducing you to three interesting single family offices that mention SaaS keywords on their websites – and that also invest in them.

1. Callais Capital (United States)

The American single family office of the Callais family actively invests in venture capital and private equity. The family office mostly invests alongside external investors and has invested in more than 30 early-stage startups. In their blog, they highlight SaaS startups topics. Current portfolio companies include Resilia, Scandy and Zeteky. Resilia is a technology platform for nonprofit organizations. Scandy is a SaaS platform for 3D and 4D scanning.

2. Dig Ventures (UK)

Dig Ventures is the single family office of UK millionaire and entrepreneur Ross Mason. Mason sold its startup Mulesoft to Salesforce in 2018. Through his family office he is an active investor in SaaS startups. The investment strategy of the venture capital-focused family office is focused on B2B pre-seed and seed stage SaaS startups and fintechs, based in Europe and the U.S. The SaaS investor’s portfolio includes companies like OneGraph, or PlanetScale.

Update 2023: The UK-based SaaS-focused single family office stays an active investor despite the economic downturn. In February 2023, it invested in Flock’s $38M Series B funding round alongside Octupus Ventures, CommerzVentures and Social Capital. Flock is a startup that utilizes real-time data for safer vehicle fleet operations.

3. Gentree Fund (Singapore)

The Gentree fund is the Southeast-Asian single family office of the Sy family, which stands behind a retail, banking and property development conglomerate. The Asian single family office actively invests in Southeast-Asian SaaS startups. Portfolio companies include AgriAku, kumu or HiveHealth. One latest Software-as-a-Service investment was klikit.

In this list we combine two unique assets: our global database with more than 1,600 global single family offices and our expertise in building web crawlers and analysis tool. For this list, we checked if the websites of the family offices from our database cover SaaS-related keywords, such as „software-as-a-service“ or „SaaS“. This list includes all the data from our family office lists, as well as dedicated keyword analysis columns. The list include all family offices from our database that have at least 1 relevant SaaS keyword occurrence.saas investor keywords on family office websites

Results of the keyword analysis: data points included in the list

First, the here offered list includes all the columns and data points of our regular family office list, including contact details, detailed investment focus information, executives and background information. Then, this information is extended by the results of our keyword analysis, namely:

  • total_frequency (e.g.: 16) – total counted occurrences of keywords on family office website
  • average_keyword_rate (e.g. 0.1) – average rate of keyword occurrences per subpage in relation with total number of words
  • most_common_keyword (e.g. „saas“) – keyword that was counted the most often on family office website
  • most_common_keyword_frequency (e.g. 10) – number of times the most common keyword was counted
  • sub_url_highest_rate (e.g. – sub url with the highest number of found keywords
  • highest_rate (e.g. 0.1) – highest keyword rate per subpage
  • frequency_per_keyword: {‘saas’: 106, ‘software as a service’: 0, ‘softwareasaservice’: 0, ‘business software’: 0, ‘b2b software’: 0, ‘enterprise software’: 0} – dictionary of number of keyword occurrences per keyword

Analyzed keywords and crawler settings

Our crawler analyzed the family office websites for the following keywords: saas, softwareasaservice, software-as-a-service, business software, b2b software, enterprise software

Thereby, we cover SaaS-related keywords in the most important languages for the countries covered in our database. Our crawler analyzed every family office website for at least 60 seconds.

software as a service startup investor list

Pros and cons of our keyword-based approach

Our list Is the perfect starting point for getting in touch with single family offices in the Software-as-a-service investment space. By crawling the websites of the family offices and calculating keyword occurrence rates, we managed to identify the most relevant family offices. However, our approach has two possible pitfalls. First, our keyword crawler only works if the targeted keywords are mentioned on the website. That’s often the case, since throughout the last years, many family offices started communicating their investments. However, if a family office does not have a website or keeps its activities secret, it won’t be mentioned. Second, since we can not interpret the context of the keywords, false positives are possible. For instance, if a family office writes an article why it is not investing in SaaS, it would still be in the list. In addition, we can not deliver results if the website effectively blocks our crawler (which is rarely the case).

All in all, we are convinced that our list offers a highly relevant starting point for identifying the most relevant SaaS investing family offices.

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