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French businessman Michaël Benabou established the online fashion company Vente-Privé in 2001, which established the idea of private online sales for registered customers only. When he left the company in 2014, he built the Paris-based Single Family Office La Financière de Saint James to secure and increase his assets. The SFO does not only invest in properties but is an active Venture Capital investor, since Michaël Benabou has a vision to promote innovative ideas and business models.

La Financière de Saint James is part of our venture capital single family office database.
La Financière de Saint James is part of our real estate single family office database.

Key facts about the La Financière de Saint James Single Family Office

  • Family: Michaël Benabou
  • Estimated wealth: EUR 700M
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Investment Focus: Real Estate, Venture Capital (Fintech, Media, Service, Foodtech)
  • Notable Investments or Holdings: Beaugrenelle, Spendesk, Chefing, Feed
  • Website:

Picture source: Anthony Delanoix

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