Vermont-based Single Family Office Invests In Skincare Company

Vermont-based Single Family Office Invests In Skincare Company

For the Biome is a young company from Vermont, which intends to launch a line of skin care products this year. Now, JHCapital (the single family office of Jim Crook and Allison Maino) invested in the company.

Skincare products from Vermont

For the Biome is a quite young and rather unknown company, which has not published their online shop and website yet. The main product of Biome will be a line called “Sentinent Skincare”, which will be introduced in early 2020. Inlcuded products are a powder cleanser, essence sprays, eye serums and masks. “I’ve formulated our products to deliver a sensually exceptional experience by maximizing communication between our skin, now recognized as the ‘third brain,’ and the microbiome“ said Paul Schulick – the founder of For the Biome – about the products.

Partnership with single family office from Vermont

Recently, For the Biome announced a Partnership with the Vermont single family office JHCapital, which is the private investment firm of Jim Crook and his daughter Allison Maino. Cook was formerly serving as CEO for IDX Systems, a health software provider which was acquired by GE. According to For the Biome’s president Kelli Hanzalik, the company is looking forward to the strategic expertise of the family office.

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