The three most active single family offices in Germany in 2021

3 most active Single Family Offices in Germany 2021

Single family offices are playing an increasingly important role in the German investment world, be it in startup financing, real estate sales or fundraising. Listenchampion’s research team has now analyzed hundreds of transactions to answer the question: what were the most active Single Family Offices in Germany in 2021? In the following, we present three outstanding SFOs of the current year.

1. Athos Family Office (Strüngmann family).

The defining issue in 2021 was again the Covid pandemic. A major step towards a return to normality was the approval of several vaccines against the Covid virus. One of the most effective is the vaccine from the Mainz-based company BioNTech SE. The main financier of Biontech was the family office of the Strüngmann family. In the meantime, Biontech is listed on NASDAQ; the profits of the Strüngmann family office run into the billions. While the Biontech investment dates back to previous years, numerous other investments have been made this year, including in solar park operator Blue Elephant and Alzheimer’s biotech company AC Immune. Athos plays a leading role in Germany, particularly in biotech investments.


The Wirtgen family office was formed after the family-owned construction equipment company was sold to John Deere in 2017. Since then, the Wirtgen family has built one of the most powerful single family offices in Germany. A key focus has been high-profile real estate investments, such as the purchase of the HSBC headquarters in Düsseldorf (in cooperation with MOMENI and Black Horse Investments) or the development of a residential quarter Stafflenbergstraße in Stuttgart. Another remarkable feature of the Wirtgen Family Office is its strong investment focus on renewable energies. For example, a large solar park was acquired in Moura (Portugal) and the large-scale PV plant Santarém. The industry portal Renewables.Digital considers the Wirtgen Family Office to be one of the most important renewable energy investors in Europe. WIRTGEN INVEST is also giving large amounts of money to charity; for example, 100,000€ was donated to victims of the flood disaster.

3. Büll Family Office

In the venture capital sector, the Büll Family Office was one of the most important players – alongside the Strüngmann Family Office. Through the Büll Family Office subsidiary Abacon Capital (headed by Tobias Krauss), investments were increasingly made in fast-growing companies. A good example is the 18 million Euro financing round of the charging infrastructure startup Wirelane, which was led by ABACON CAPITAL. Abacon also invested in the 14 million euro financing round of the German neobank Tomorrow. Real estate investments and project developments are realized in the Büll Family Office through the B&L Group, which has been active for 50 years. In addition, the Büll Family Office strengthened itself with personnel additions: Tobias Britsch was brought in as CIO for illiquid assets.

Picture Source: Unsplash ( Dorian Mongel, 29.11.21)

The presented family offices are included in our unique German Single Family Office List. Our list contains the most important investment vehicles of wealthy German families, so-called Single Family Offices. These invest in capital markets, real estate, private equity, venture capital and alternative asset classes.

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