Study: Only 7% of US Single Family Offices mention Renewables [2023]

single family office investment vehicles investing in solar parks

This article was created as part of our research process for our US single family office database. The database include the most important family investment vehicles in the United States. We conducted the analysis through our keyword crawler tool.

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Family office websites analyzed for renewable energy keywords

renewables solar energy wind park keywords of study

We analyzed our list of the largest US single family offices with our keyword crawler tool for renewable energy. Through our Python-based tool, we analyzed every American family office website for occurrences of keywords such as “renewable energy”, “renewables” or “solar energy”. The most found keyword was “renewable energy”. However, of more than 400 US single family investment vehicles, only 7% of entries were mentioning renewables on their website, showing the significant potential renewable energy still has as an asset class for family offices.

Opening investment focus for renewable energy: LeFrak

renewable energy us single family offices

One interesting family office that our keyword crawler filtered out is New-York based LeFrak. The family office mainly invests in real estate, managing a portfolio of properties in New York, New Jersey as well as Florida and the West Coast. Besides, the family office also invests in venture capital, private equity and financial markets. One major investment sector of the family office is the energy industry. Since 1971, the family office invests in fossil fuels. Lately, the energy division of the investment firm broadened its investment mandate to renewable energy opportunities.



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