Dutch single family office Scheybeeck Participaties sells BUKO stake

Dutch single family office Scheybeeck Participaties sells BUKO stake

We created this article as part of our research process for our European single family office database. Here, we are highlighting a private equity transaction in the Netherlands.

On January 4th, 2023, the private equity investment firm Equistone Partners Europe announced that it has acquired the majority of shares in the Dutch firms BUKO Infrasupport and BUKO Waakt. The firms are offering solutions in the field of traffic planning, environmental management and maintenance and monitoring in the Netherlands. Equistone will be the largest shareholder alongside the Burger family office “Scheybeeck Participaties”, as well as the management team. In the next years, the firm plans to strengthen BUKO’s current market presence, as well as expand in neighbor countries.

Scheybeeck Participaties: Dutch single family office of the Burger family

The Beverwijk based single family office Scheybeeck is a major investor in real estate and private equity. In the context of the BUKO transaction, the firm partners with major PE firm Equistone. In its private equity focus area, the family office concentrates on medium-sized companies. Portfolio companies include FACTA, Van Vliet, Van der Stelt or three BUKO firms. In the property sector, the family office from the Netherlands focuses on development projects and investment in existing properties. For instance, the family office owns 429 apartments in “The Don”, Amsterdam.

Article Source: Privateequitywire
Picture source: Javier M

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