Omidyar family office as an important AgTech startup investor

Omidyar family office as an important AgTech startup investor

In this article we are highlighting a single family office that was particularly investigated during the research process for our US single family office list. The list includes the most important American single family offices.

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Single family office of Pierre Omidyar with philanthropic focus

Pierre Omidyar is the founder of famous auction platform eBay. In 2004, he launched his family office Omidyar Network, which is an active impact investment firm. The firm structures its activities in three activities: “reimagining capitalism”, “responsible technology” and “building cultures of belonging”. Within these impact driven fields, the family office also invests in AgTech startups.

AgTech startups as investment field

Startups and firms focused on innovation in the agriculture field are called AgTechs.  AgTechs are playing an essential role in the future of farming and to find solutions for a growing global population. The Omidyar Network is also an active investor in the Indian AgTech field. For instance, in April 2022 the firm invested in Krishify, which wants to fight “information asymmetry in agriculture”. The startup offers a networking platform for farmers in India to provide information and to match buyers and seller of farm products. Back in April, the AgTech startup had over 5M monthly sessions. The firm wants to be a pillar of India’s growing agriculture sector.

Bijak: Agtech for the agriculture value chain

Another investment of the Omidyar family office is Bijak, which helps to eliminate intermediaries in the agricultural value chain and to reduce inefficiencies. Bijak created a marketplace for traders of agricultural goods and reduces trust barriers. Thereby, Bijak helps to increase the digitalization of the Indian agricultural sector.

Picture source: Dan Meyers

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