John Lim single family office invests in London office building [2022]

John Lim single family office invests in London office building [2022]

In this article we are highlighting a single family office that was particularly investigated during the research process for our UK single family office list. The list includes all major single family offices from the United Kingdom.

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John Lim family office as real estate investor in London

On October 6, the real estate investment vehicle of the John Lim single family office, called “The Land Managers”, announced an GBP30M investment in an office building on 6 Cavendish Place in London. The acquisition comes with a 972-year leasehold. The Land Managers are originally a Singapore-based single family office investment vehicle, which is increasingly active in London. The firm is focusing on “prime commercial assets” in London. The building comes with 12,880 sqft and significant floor-to-ceiling heights. It is leased to a building company for four more years.

Focus on Singapore, expansion to UK

The Land Managers have S$250M assets under management and is dedicated to real estate investments. Current investment projects in Singapore include “The Courtyards”, which is a luxury development project in Singapore’s 15th district. Formerly, the investment manager also owned Australian prime objects. The Singapore real estate investment firm also owns various UK retail parks.

Picture source: Benjamin Davies

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