List of 3 European Fixed Income Single Family Office Investors

List of 3 European Fixed Income Single Family Office Investors

[vc_column_textThis article directly stems from the research process for our European single family office database. Our list of European single-family offices includes the most important European family investment vehicles that invest in promising startups, emerging markets, real estate, and fixed-income ventures.

In this article, we will discuss three single-family offices based in Europe that pursue fixed-income investments. Despite recent trends suggesting family offices are shifting from fixed-income investments, the sector still represents a significant portion of the financial activity of single-family offices. The firms included in this research are among the leading European single-family offices that seek investments in fixed-income opportunities.

1. Proventus (Stockholm, Sweden)

The Stockholm-based group has been active in European capital markets for over 50 years and remains a family-owned investment company. Originally established in 1969, Proventus has been acting as a family office since 2017 as well as managing the Robert Weil Family Foundation which was responsible for founding the company. The Swedish firm is considered a contrarian investor, seeking opportunities in parts of the capital market that are less developed. Proventus is active in a whole range of financial sectors, such as private equity, public equity, fixed income, property, alternative investment, and private companies.

2. Kirkbi (Billund, Denmark)

The Danish single-family office acts as an investment vehicle for the Kirk Kristiansen family who founded the LEGO brand. Kirk Kristiansen’s net worth is an estimated $7.9bn. The firm was founded to protect, develop and leverage the LEGO brand through long-term and responsible investments. Kirki’s activities are based upon three fundamental tasks to enable the Kristiansen family to succeed which are as follows: family support, investment activities, and nurturing the LEGO brand. The single-family office owns 75% of LEGO and 47.5% of Merlin Entertainments as well as holding shares in Falck A/S, Nilfisk, Välinge, and Armacell. The single-family office is active in a wide range of capital markets including sustainable investments, alternative investments, and real estate.

3. Interogo Holding AG (Pfäffikon, Switzerland)

Interogo Holding is an international investment firm that is based in Switzerland and is a part of the Interogo Foundation. Originally, the group was established to preserve the legacy of the IKEA concept which strives to create a better everyday life for many people. Interogo’s approach is to preserve financial stability and do so by identifying risk-adjusted returns. The host of financial services the Swiss firm provides includes private equities, long-term equities, infrastructure, and liquid assets. Interogo maintains a firm interest in listed securities such as equities and fixed income which allows them to achieve flexibility when it comes to managing their assets.

Picture source: Israel Andrade

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