List of 3 US Debt and Fixed Income Multi Family Office Investors

List of 3 US Debt and Fixed Income Multi Family Office Investors

This article is based on our research process for our US multi family office list. The list includes the most important United States multi family offices, which manage the fortune of the wealthiest families in the country. For every multi family office, we offer detailed contact details and focus information.

In this article, three multi-family offices that specialize in debt and fixed income will be discussed. All of the multi-family offices discussed are based in the US and can be found on our list of the largest US multi-family offices.

1. Sentinal Trust (Houston, Texas)

Sentinal Trust was founded in 1997 due to the merger between the Flowers and Fruehauf families which combined two single-family offices. The firm has since continued to expand and has been providing financial services to exclusive families based in the US. Currently, the group manages over $5.5bn of assets. Sentinal can offer financial services across the following categories: wealth planning, investment services, hedge funds, private equity, and fiduciary services. The Texas-based group’s approach to fixed income includes constructing tax-efficient portfolios, minimizing portfolio costs, and taking advantage of strategic opportunities.

2. Glenmede (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Headquartered in Philadelphia, Glenmede has been providing innovative and customized investment and wealth management solutions to ultra-high-net-worth clients. Glenmede actions are based upon the firm’s three core principles: agility, excellence with integrity, and stewardship. Thanks to its impressive 5:1 client-to-employee ratio, the firm has developed an extensive client list and manages over $40.5bn of assets. The Pennsylvania-based group offers a vast array of financial services and acts in the following sectors: liquid alternative, equity, fixed income and environment, and social and governance (ESG) investments. Glenmede is considered a specialist in fixed-income investments, ensuring they adopt a disciplined approach that is long-term and risk-averse. The group relies on its in-house analytics team to develop diverse client portfolios whilst improving liquidity, capital preservation, and risk management.

3. Veritable (Newtown Square, Pennsylvania)

Veritable was founded in 1986, then named Stolper & Co, and acts as an owner-operated investment advisory firm. Veritable can offer 36 years of experience and provide financial services for over 200 clients with approximately $18bn of assets under management. The Pennsylvania-based group assists clients across a whole range of financial services including tax optimization, estate planning, and wealth planning.

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