List of 3 European Fixed Income Multi Family Office Investors

List of 3 European Fixed Income Multi Family Office Investors

[vc_column_textThis article directly stems from the research process for our European multi family office database. Our list of European multi-family offices includes the most important European family investment vehicles that invest in promising startups, emerging markets, real estate, and fixed-income ventures.

In this article, three multi-family offices that specialize in debt and fixed income will be discussed. All of the multi-family offices discussed are based in Europe and can be found on our list of the largest European multi-family offices.

1. HQ Trust GmbH (Bad Homburg, Germany)

HQ Trust is a multi-family office that was founded to provide financial services to the Harald Quandt family. The group also provides services to ultra-high-net-worth individuals, institutional investors, pension funds, and foundations. The German firm has been providing financial advice for over two decades. HQ Trust’s investment philosophy is based upon its vast experience in alternative investment and portfolio diversification across all asset classes guided by the following principles: individuality, diversification, transparency, and long-term investing. The firm carefully balances the risk-reward ratio when it comes to portfolio management, relying on alternative investments such as real estate and private debt combined with a more long-term approach using fixed-income markets.

2. Rinkelberg Capital (London, United Kingdom)

Rinkelberg Capital was originally founded by a diverse number of professionals that provided decades of experience gathered from working at some of the world’s most prestigious financial institutions. The London-based firm is the investment vehicle for the founders of TomTom who have worked in harmony to develop Rinkelberg’s position in the tech market. Separate from the tech market, the group also specializes in structured investments which provide debt or other types of capital when a direct ownership stake is not feasible. The London firm has provided asset-backed loans, cash flow-based loans, and various types of convertible debt tailored to the individual situation. Their previous experience in the sector includes corporate bonds, syndicated loans, externally managed funds, and a portfolio of solar projects.

3. Alpen Partners AG (Zurich, Switzerland)

Alpen Partners is fully owned and operated by Swiss directors who provide a whole host of financial services including family office and independent investment advice from their offices in Zurich, Geneva, Lugano, and Wollerau. The Swiss group has partnered with some of the biggest Swiss and global banks to allow its clients to access safe, world-renowned banking systems, protect assets and grow wealth. Alpen provides financial services and family office services to clients with over $10 million in assets. Their family office services include family governance, next-generation education, retirement planning, estate planning, and wealth management. When it comes to wealth management, the firm specializes in portfolio management, financial planning, risk management, asset protection, and philanthropy. As part of its risk management approach, the firm relies on fixed-income investments to provide risk-averse opportunities to its clients. Their fixed-income approach includes government and corporate bonds which provide fixed interest payments until the maturity date.

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