Indian Single Family Office Invests in Disprz $13M Series B

Indian Single Family Office Invests in Disprz $13M Series B

The Mumbai-based enterprise education startup has raised $13M in a Series B round. Amongst the investors was Auctus Capital, the Indian single family office of Vikas Phadnis. 

Disprz: Enterprise Skilling focus

The Indian startup Disprz focuses on creating learning experiences for companies. Amongst the customers are leading firms like Amazon, Airtel or Tata Motors. Furthermore, the firm is the winner of the Aatmanirbhar Bharat Innovation challenge 2020. The company was founded in 2015 and now already has more than 1.2M users.

Series B with Indian Single Family Office participation

Now, the firm has raised a $13M Series B.  The round was led by Dallas Venture Capital and Mars Growth Capital Amongst the investors is also the existing investor Auctus Capital, which is the single family office of Vikas Phadnis. Phadnis is the cofounder of Euro Kids, an Indian early education company. 

Source: Economictimes
Picture source: Avel Chuklanov

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