Survam Partners Single Family Office Invests in 4D Imaging Startup

Survam Partners invests in 4D Imaging Radar Steradian Semiconductors

Survam Partners, Suman Kant Munjal’s Family Office, invested in the 4D imaging radar Steradian Semiconductors through Inflexor Ventures to help the company accelerate product development and scale-up operations in global markets.

Steradian Semiconductors develops high-resolution 4D imaging radar solutions with its patented and proprietary intellectual property (IP).

The company, whose founders come from companies such as Texas Instruments and Qualcomm, has created a technology capable of sensing the surroundings and detecting velocity to, along with their AI-based algorithms, deliver a real-time detailed image like optical sensors. These sensors are used in the automotive industry and enable various driver assistance features including a fully autonomous vehicle.
The company has also developed solutions for traffic monitoring and smart city projects.

The recent investment for the company will be used to accelerate product development and scale-up their solutions in global markets to further the GTM strategy and sales growth.

Steradian Semiconductors: The future of mobility

Steradian, the Bengaluru-headquartered deep-tech startup founded in 2016, was one of the five Indian startups to be mentored through MG Motors’ innovation program in 2017. In 2018, Steradian received $2M in investment from Endiya Partners, a Hyderabad-based early-stage venture capital firm. 

It aims to become a relevant player in the global emerging and dynamic lidar technologies market that is rising empowered by autonomous and technological mobility.

Survam Partners: A lifelong legacy on Indian industrial companies

Survam Partners chairman, Suman Kant Munjal, is the founder and chairman of many billion-dollar Indian industrial companies, being currently the Chairman of Rockman Industries. The main focus of the Munjal family office Survam Partners lies on Indian technological companies that have a product worth to be developed in India but to be deployed worldwide due to its big market potential.

Source: Inc42, 04.11.2020

Picture Source: Getty Images

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