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Single family offices (SFOs) – the investment firms of HNWI families – are getting more and more important in the global financial landscape. SFOs are rushing into private equity, venture capital and real estate. Family investment firms also play an increasing role as fund investors. But high-quality research and valuable information is really rare in the family office landscape. Most family offices want to stay incognito and the whole industry is really discreet. That makes it even more important that we as a global leader in family office research provide our information in a transparent and understandable manner.

How Our Family Office Analysis Differentiates From Other Research Boutiques

Most family office research firms either create reports for private banks, who in turn use the report as white-papers to win customers. Campden Wealth is a leader in this field and we think that their reports about industry trends are the best on the market. Other research firms offer their services only for horrendous sums.

Our approach differs from them a lot. First, we offer a large share of our research for free. The only things you can pay for are our extensive family office lists. Second, we are the only for-free single dedicated family office news platform. We report about current family office investments, trends and deals in weekly reports. Third, we focus a lot on the who: we introduce our visitors to Europe’s most important family offices and what they are exactly doing.

Thought-Leadership in Single Family Office and Multi Family Office Research

Our extensive network and database of European single and multi family offices serve as a solid basis for our research. We use our database to analyze the market and give insights into the family office world. We are also in steady contact with many of Europe’s most important SFOs and MFOs, what helps us to sustain our thought-leadership in family office research.

Extensive Investor Database at the Core of our Research

The results of our Family Office Research is presented in news-articles, statistics and other insights on a regular basis. However, the core of our work is built by the database of Multi and Single Family Offices. This database is accessible through our easy-to-use online shop and helps hundrets of customers to identify and contact relevant partners from the family office sphere. The family office database growth continuously and is updated by our research team at regular intervals. Like this we guarantee our top-notch research quality.

Modern, Data-Driven Research Methods and Steady Data Collection

The question might arise, how familyofficehub is able to build a huge database of the most important family offices across Europe. We want present our research methods in order to tell you how we conduct research on Single and Multi Family Offices. The basis of our Family Office Research is built by computer-based crawlers and algorithms, that help us identify relevant news and information on investment vehicles in Europe. But we do not solely rely on such automated research. Rather, our experienced research team analyses such superficial information in depth in order to dive into the available data and evaluate the pieces of information. Like this we make sure to publish high-quality datasets and really do some valuable work for you.

What Customers Say About our Research Excellence

Numerous satisfied customers across Europe and the globe trust in our service and are able to build lasting business partnerships thanks to our Family Office databases. Some of our customers review our prodcuts in order to express their satisfaction with the data quality. For example, David A. Pieper (Optimus Prime Group) says about our list of the largest Single Family Offices in Germany: “Familyofficehub offers interesting and relevant data, always up to date. Checkout and customer support works smoothly. A clear recommendation on my part!“. The Multi Family Offices Europe are rated with 5 out of 5 stars by Thomas Myers, who writes: “Bought the list to enter the European family office market with our firm. Good contacts, hassle-free download.“. We would be very happy to welcome you as a happy customers, as well. If you have any questions regarding our Family Office Research, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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