Australian Cannon-Brookes Family Office Invests in Impact Investor

Grok Ventures buys minority stake in Melior

Grok ventures, the Australian private single family office of Mike Cannon-Brookes and his wife has recently announced that the company will invest in Australian impact investor Melior Investment Management. Mike Cannon-Brookes is the co-founder and co-CEO of the software company Atlassian. According to Forbes he has a net worth of over 25.4 billion USD. His private investment vehicle Grok Ventures primarily invest in early to late stage founding rounds of fast-growing technology enabled businesses. 

Melior Investment Management has 91 million USD in AUM

Melior Investment Management is an impact investor located in Sydney, Australia. The company was founded in 2018 by Lucy Steed and Tim King with backing from several investors. They quickly recruited a team of experienced investment experts with the common target of changing the world for the better. For this reason Melior set up the Australian Impact Fund. The fund was established in July 2019 and currently has 91 million USD in assets under management. Grok Ventures has been a part of this fund for over a year and has now bought a minority stake in Melior. 

Cannon-Brookes and Melior have common goal

The focus of Melior Investment management is on impact investing and ESG while pursuing three key UN Sustainable Development Goals namely climate action, gender equality, and reduced inequality. This is one of the reasons Cannon-Brookes has invested in Melior as he is a strong supporter of action against climate change saying: “We all have a responsibility to do better. Investors need to consider their impact on the world, which is something Melior is tapping into. It’s this kind of epic leadership that drives real change across business”.

Source: Investment Centre, 29.10.21
Picture Source: Dan Freeman

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