Hopp Single Family Office Launches PV Joint Venture

Hopp Single Family Office establishes Joint Venture

The single family office of Daniel and Oliver Hopp, the sons of renowned SAP co-founder Dietmar Hopp has recently established a joint venture with the company x+bricks Group. x+bricks is a management and investment company that buys and owns food anchored real estate. The two companies came together to form Aurinko HoldCo S.à r.l., a joint venture firm that will be responsible for the installation of photovoltaic solar panels on the food anchored real estate buildings that x+bricks possesses. The solar panels will be installed by Wircon GmbH, a company that is wholly owned by the Hopp family. 

Aurinko plans to install solar panels in 45 locations in 2022

Aurinko’s strategy is to put solar panels on the roof of 45 locations owned by x+bricks. In total around 200.000 square meters of roof space will be used for the solar panels. By this x+bricks intends to become more sustainable which is also in the best interest of their clients, tenants and the environment according to company CEO Sascha Wilhelm. The tenants will receive green energy right from their own roof and x+bricks plans to put solar panels on all suitable locations in their portfolio in the medium term. 

Wircon will install solar panels

Wircon is a company that develops and manages solar parks on a global scale. The company has so far installed 700 MW of power and was one of the leading firms in the recent installation of Tesla’s battery park in Australia and will also install all of the solar panels on x+bricks locations. Wircon is wholly owned by the Hopp family office. 

Source: pv magazine, 28.10.21
Picture Source: Nuno Marques

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