Jeff Bezos: Is there a single family office?

Jeff Bezos: Is there a single family office?

Where does the fortune of Jeff Bezos come from?

After studying at electrical engineering and informatics at Princeton University, Jeff Bezos worked for different companies like FITEL and Bankers Trust. In 1994, Bezos launched with the goal to establish an online book store. Today, Amazon is one of the most important retail and internet companies in the world with yearly sales in the amount of $233BN and 647,000 employees. Bezos net worth is estimated at $114BN.

How did Bezos’ company Amazon develop?

In 1994, Bezos’ launched Amazon as an online bookstore. From weekly revenues in the amount of $20k in the second week, Amazon grew to $150M yearly revenues in 1996 – to $233BN revenues today. From an online bookstore, Amazon grew into other business areas. Today, almost everything is available on – from books to laptops, clothing and food. In 2014, Bezos’ company launched its video-on-demand service „Amazon Instant Video“ (today: Prime Video). In 2017, Amazon acquired the organic supermarket chain Whole Foods. Through Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon is one of the most important companies in the growing cloud business.

Is there a Jeff Bezos single family office?

Yes, there is a Jeff Bezos single family office: Bezos manages its investments and ventures through the „Bezos Expeditions“ firm. Bezos Expeditions is engaged in investments as well as philanthropic causes through the Bezos Family foundation and the Day One fund. Notable holdings of the Bezos family office are the Washington Post or space company Blue Origin.

How does the Bezos family office invest?

Besides the philanthropic work, Bezos Expeditions is also an active investor, mainly in startups. Interesting and succesful investments of Bezos Expeditions are Airbnb, Stack Overflow, Uber, Twitter or Juno Therapeutics.

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