List of the 80 largest Impact Investor Single Family Offices [2024]

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This list includes 82 single family offices from our global single family office database that mention impact investment keywords on their website. Many family offices thereof are actively pursuing an impact investment strategy.

The list includes contact details, investment details, portfolio companies, executives and background information (to the extent of public availability and/or disclosure by the family offices). The list was last updated on January 23rd, 2024.

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List of 3 large Impact Investment Single Family Offices

An increasing share of single family office is pursing an impact investment strategy, thereby combining financial returns with a positive impact on the world. In the following, we are introducing you to three different relevant family offices in the impact investment field.

1. Capricorn Investment Group (United States)

The Capricorn Investment Group acts as single family office of eBay’s first CEO, Jeff Skoll. The family office has an impact investment strategy at its heart. Two main ways of impact investing at Capricorn are the Sustainable Investors Fund (SIF) and the Technology Impact Fund (TIF). The SIF aims at early-stage investments in private asset managers that incorporate sustainability as driver of investment returns. The fund has invested in different funds target at sustainability, for instance NorseLab or Osmosis Investment Management.

2. 4L Vision (Germany)

Also, the German single family office 4L Vision is a major impact investor. The single family office aims to have a positive social, societal and ecological impact through investments in real estate, commodities, private equity, fixed income and public equity. For instance, the firm has invested in Kumpan Electric (e-scooters) or the social-impact company builder “Same Mission”. Furthermore, the family office has also invested in early-stage impact venture capital fund Revent.

3. Raintree Family Office (India)

Raintree is the single family office of the Indian Dandekar family. The family office aims to tackle India’s social issues by combining socially conscious investing and a philanthropic foundation. The Impact Investment arm invests in the sectors food & agriculture, clean energy, financial inclusion and healthcare. The family office has also invested in Grameen Capital’s Indian Impact Investment Fund.

Based on our keyword crawler

We have built the list with the help of our keyword crawler tool that screens the website of the family offices for target keywords. In the following, we show a general overview of our crawling process, as well as statistics about the respective keywords. We have crawler the family office websites for the keywords:

  • impact investing
  • impact investment
  • impact investor
  • impact fund
  • impact investments

The most often found keyword was “impact investing” with over 2,500 occurrences, followed by “impact investments” with over 450 occurrences.


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