List of the 100 largest AI Investor Single Family Offices [2024]

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This list includes 101 single family offices from our global single family office database that mention artificial intelligence (AI) keywords on their website. Many family offices thereof are actively investing in machine learning startups and later stage companies.

The list includes contact details, investment details, portfolio companies, executives and background information (to the extent of public availability and/or disclosure by the family offices). The list was last updated on January 23rd, 2024.

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list of ai investor family offices

List of 3 large AI investor single family offices

Artificial intelligence is a main driver of innovation in the industry, by improving processes and creating new opportunities. Also an increasing number of single family offices is focusing on investments in AI startups and later stage companies, either through venture capital or private equity. In this article, we are introducing you to three interesting single family offices from our list.

1. AZ Crown Investments (USA)

The Arizona-based investment firm AZ Crown is the single family office of Tim and Eric Crown, who founded Insight Enterprises in 1988. The firm went public in 1995 and reached a revenue of $10.4BN in 2022. AZ Crown has a strong focus on investments in AI, education, medical devices, SaaS and marketplaces. Potential investments have to be data-driven and exhibit a strong management team, as well as first traction. Past investments include sprighub, modern analytics, iPost or Audience Data Cloud.

2. Dig Ventures (UK)

Dig Ventures is the single family office of MuleSoft founder Ross Mason, who sold his company to Salesforce. Now, the UK tech entrepreneur is investing in pre-seed as well as seed SaaS and fintech startups in the B2B sector. The family office has a strong focus on European and US companies. Many portfolio companies have a strong AI focus. for instance, Comply Advantage is working on AI-driven AML risk management solutions. Another AI startup investment is, an AI platform for enterprise customers.


The single family office OCEANM19 is headquartered in Hinsdale, close to Chiago. The US family office invests in private equity, hedge funds, venture capital and real estate. Besides fund investments, OCEANM19 is also pursuing direct investments. For instance, Pienso Inc. was aquired in January 2021. The firm offers a platform that uses machine learning to transform text into insights.

Picture Source: Chris Ried

Based on our keyword crawler

We have built the list with the help of our keyword crawler tool that screens the website of the family offices for target keywords. In the following, we show a general overview of our crawling process, as well as statistics about the respective keywords. We have crawler the family office websites for the keywords:

  • machine learning
  • artifical intelligence
  • ai software
  • ai startups
  • neural networks

The most often found keyword was “machine learning” with over 578 occurrences, followed by “artifical intelligence”.


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