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The French Wendel family was a major player in the steel production in France for more than 250 years. From 1704 until 1977 Wendel controlled many steel and mining assets in the country and became one of the richest French family. In the seventies the family made an interesting change of strategy. From then on, the focus was on company investments. Since then, the family has invested in well-known companies via Wendel SE, which is listed on the stock exchange. In particular, the family invests in French companies and companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Today, the Wendel family consists of more than 1,000 members and owns 37.7% of the Wendel share capital, while the voting rights exceed the 50% threshold. The Single Family Office, through which this participation is held, is called Wendel-Participations and is based in Paris. The investments are very long-term, which is a typical feature of a single family office. The investments include both traditional industries as well as modern and long-established service companies. While the Wendel family is represented by some family members in the board of directors, Wendel SE itself is not lead by family members but by experienced finance and investment professionals.

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Key facts about the Wendel-Participations Single Family Office

  • Family: Wendel
  • Estimated wealth: EUR 7000M
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Investment Focus: Private Equity, Capital Markets (through Wendel SE)
  • Notable Investments or Holdings: Saint-Gobain, Bureau Veritas, Saham, IHS
  • Websitehttps://www.wendel-participations.com/login

Picture source: Lola Delabays

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