Thomas Peterffy: is there a family office?

This article directly stems from the research process for our American single family office database. Our list of U.S. single family offices includes the most important family investment vehicles that invest in various areas, such as financial markets, real estate, venture capital, private equity and renewables.

The Hungarian-born billionaire amassed his fortune through the foundation of Interactive Brokers in 1993, a company he operated until 2019 and now maintains a position on the board. As of October 2022, Peterffy has an estimated net worth of $25.3bn according to Forbes which puts him as the 52nd richest person in the world. In this article, we will investigate if Peterffy manages his wealth through a family office.

No family office but manages wealth through Interactive Brokers, Timber Hill, and real estate investments

 Peterffy immigrated to the US in 1965 and saved money by working as an engineer to buy a seat on the American Stock Exchange in 1977. Peterffy is considered a pioneer in the electronic brokerage and trading market, using his engineering and coding knowledge to grow Interactive Brokers (IBKR) to be a global leader in online brokerage. In 2019, IBKR had a market value of $22bn and employed over 1200 people worldwide. Peterffy remains 75% ownership of IBKR, which in 2020 acquired Folio Investing to expand IBKR’s books with 70,0000 clients. Peterffy is the sole owner of Timber Hill Group, a private equity firm specializing in developing and acquiring logistics real estate. Peterffy maintains a strong interest in real estate, he owns over 560,000 acres with the majority based in Florida.

Picture source: Austin Distel

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