This Portland single family office invests in software startups [2022]

This Portland single family office invests in software startups [2022]

This article directly stems from the research process for our US single family office database. Our list of venture capital focused single family offices includes the most important family investment vehicles that invest in promising startups, amongst others within the technology sector.

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The Portland-based single family office R-Group LLC is an active investor in software startups. The family office itself describes its investment focus as a mix of fintech, hightech, lifestyle and CPG. In the past, there were many successful exits from portfolio companies of the Oregon-based family office. For instance, Faraday Bicycles was sold to Pon Holdings (whose family office opened their own single family office months, but that’s another story) or AbesMarket, which was acquired by Direct Eats.

Oregon single family office invests in software startups

When we take a look at the most recent investments of the R-Group, we will find dozens of interesting software companies. For instance, the family office invested in marketing software startup The – also Portland-based – startup offers a newsletter sending suite, that enables its customer to target specific segments of website visitors. raised its Series A in March 2022 with participation of the R-Group single family office. The family office also invested in the major Series D funding round of Density, which offers software solutions for workplace optimization. In this round, the family office invested alongside Kleiner Perkins, Upfront Ventures and the Founders Fund.

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