These are the 3 wealthiest UK billionaires with family offices

UK billionaire Family Offices

The family office scene in the UK is both secretive and heavyweight in equal measure. With our database of the 80 largest UK Single Family Offices we shed light on the highly relevant family office landscape by collecting data on investments, executives and more. Below we present billionaires from the UK who have set up their own single family office to manage their wealth. The activities of the investment companies range from real estate, venture capital and private equity to investments in renewable energies.

1. Reuben Brothers (Reuben family office, London)

A fortune of more than £21 billion makes David and Simon Reuben the second richest family in the UK, according to the Sunday Times Rich list. Their family office Reuben Brothers is one of the most active investment groups in the country. In addition to the acquisition of hotels and retail properties, the company also focuses on the independent development of properties in the UK, Europe and the USA. In addition, private equity investments are made and debt financing is carried out. Also noteworthy is The Reuben Foundation, through which philanthropic activities are conducted.

2. Weybourne Group (Dyson family office, London)

According to the Sunday Times Rich list, James Dyson’s net worth is £16.3 billion. The Dyson family holds its stake in the eponymous company through the London-based Weybourne Group. In addition, Dyson Farming is held through the Weybourne Group as well as The James Dyson Foundation. Otherwise, little is known about the activities of the single family office. According to media reports, the Dyson Family Office employs dozens of people, with an increased focus on Singapore in recent years.

3. LK Advisers (Mittal family office, London)

Indian entrepreneur Lakshmi Mittal is one of the world’s most influential businessmen. He is based in London, as is his single family office. He is not only a major steel magnate but also, among others, member of the board of directors of Goldman Sachs. In its secrecy, the Mittal family office is very typical for the world of investment companies of wealthy families. The family office invests across asset classes and rarely appears in the media. In May 2022, US biofertilizer company Anuvia Plant Nutrients completed a $65.5 million Series D financing round where LK Advisers acted one of the investors.

Picture source: Sander Crombach (16.05.2022)

The presented family offices are included in our unique UK Single Family Office List. Our list contains the most important investment vehicles of wealthy families from the United Kingdom, so-called Single Family Offices. These invest in capital markets, real estate, private equity, venture capital and alternative asset classes.

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