Study: 25% of single family offices in Denmark invest in venture capital [2024]

Study: 25% of single family offices in Denmark invest in venture capital

We created this article as part of our research process for our European single-family office database. Here, we are investigating the share of Danish single-family offices investing in venture capital, either through direct investments in startups or through funds. Also, many family offices pursue co-investment opportunities.

In total, 7 single-family offices in Denmark have a Venture Capital Focus. This represents a share of 25%. Venture Capital (VC) investments play a significant role in the Danish economy, providing essential funding for startups and growth- oriented businesses. These investments are typically made in promising companies with high growth potential, often in sectors such as technology, biotech, or clean energy. In Denmark, both domestic and international venture capital firms operate actively. Prominent Danish venture capital firms include Northzone, Seed Capital, and Northcap. They have been instrumental in the success stories of many Danish startups like Trustpilot, Vivino, and Pleo. Also, Danish single-family offices like Friheden Invest are increasingly investing in startups and VC funds.

Venture capital single family office investor from Denmark: Friheden Invest

Friheden Invest A/S is the single family office of Niels Martinsen, who is the main shareholder and founder of IC Group, which owns consumer brands like Tiger of Sweden and By Malene Birger. The family office invests in startups in the fashion and lifestyle sector. Exemplary portfolio companies include REBELLE (which was acquired by Vinted in 2022) and Boost, which went pulbic on Nasdaq Nordic in May 2017.

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Picture source: Lindsay Martin

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