Analysis: 54% of single family offices in Switzerland invest in Private Equity [2024]

Analysis: 54% of single family offices in Switzerland invest in Private Equity

We created this article as part of our research process for our European single-family office database. Here, we are investigating the share of Swiss single family office investing in Private Equity.

In total, 44 single family offices in Switzerland have a Private Equity Focus. This represents a share of 54%. Private equity is therefore one of the most popular asset classes among family offices (alongside real estate, financial products and venture capital). Private equity refers to capital investment made into private companies, or the buyouts of public companies, with the aim of making a profit when these companies are eventually sold or go public. In recent years, there has been an increase in PE investments across various sectors such as technology, healthcare, manufacturing, and consumer goods in Switzerland. This trend reflects investors’ confidence in the Swiss market’s potential for high returns on investment.

The Porterhouse Group AG, based in Lucerne, is a Swiss single family office that has distinguished itself as a private equity investor. The company manages the assets of the Happel family and holds stakes in the Paracelsus clinics in Germany and the Berlin-based company Brainwave, among others. Other single family offices with private equity focus are Jacobs Holding AG and Müller-Möhl Group, just to name a few.

Swiss cities with the most single family offices with private equity activities

The following ranking presents the Swiss cities with the highest number of single family offices that are investing in private equity.

1. Zurich

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and is recognized as one of the world’s leading financial centers. It houses numerous banks, insurance companies, and multinational corporations, making it a magnet for PE investments. A total of 9 single family offices that invest in private companies are based in Zurich.

2. Zug

Zug is a popular location for investment companies due to its proximity to Zurich and its tax advantages. This naturally also applies to Swiss family offices. Zug is home to 6 single family offices with private equity activities.

3. Geneva

As a global hub for private banking and wealth management services, Geneva attracts substantial PE investment. It’s also home to many international organizations which adds to its appeal. Geneva is home to 4 single family offices that invest in private equity.

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Picture source: Claudio Schwarz (03.01.2024)

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