Single Family Office From Munich Saves Plant Engineering Company Piller Entgrattechnik

Single Family Office From Munich Saves Plant Construction Company Piller Entgrattechnik

Ditzingen-based plant engineering company Piller Entgrattechnik has filed for insolvency on 28th of February. Now, the SFO-Group, a single family office from Munich, acquires the company.

Piller Entgrattechnik: Specialist for deburring plants from Ditzingen

Piller Entgrattechnik produces deburring, cleaning and drying plants that are used in the automotive, hydraulics and medical technology industry. For example, the company’s deburring machines enable high-pressure jet cleaning with different liquids. The machines can reach high pressures up to 1100 bar.Besides standalone machines, Piller also offers integrated plants and contract manufacturing. Yearly revenues are around €20M. The company has its headquarter in Ditzingen, Germany and another site in Kecskemet, Hungary. All 120 workplaces of Piller will be preserved.

SFO-Group – a single family office from Munich – saves Piller

Now, Piller was aquired by the SFO-Group. The SFO-Group is a Munich-based single family office that is active since 2013. SFO is based on the wealth of a Munich entrepreneurial family. The investment focus lies on restructuring of “Old Economy” firms. The family office has more than €150M revenue under management, other portfolio companies include SHW Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH or Air Berlin Technik.

Source: Automobil Industrie, 30.07.2020Picture SourceDimitry Anikin

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