Sarowitz single family office invests in Anonybit’s $3M round

Sarowitz single family office invests in Anonybit's $3M round

We created this article as part of our research process for our US single family office database. Here, we are tech startup investment of the Illinois-based Sarowitz single family office.

Anonybit, a company specializing in decentralized biometric authentication and data protection, has recently raised an additional $3 million in funding, bringing its total raised to $8 million. The round was led by JAM FINTOP and included contributions from Connecticut Innovations and 4S Bay Partners, the single family office of Jessica and Steve Sarowitz.

The investment aims to further Anonybit’s development of privacy-focused identity management solutions for enterprises to enhance user authentication and prevent data breaches. The company’s technology, which involves distributed storage and processing of biometrics and personal data, is embodied in their flagship product, the Anonybit Genie. This product aims to unify the identity lifecycle and mitigate issues like synthetic identity fraud. Anonybit is led by Frances Zelazny, Co-Founder & CEO, and Yaron Azizi, Co-Founder & Chief Architect.

Sarowitz single family office as startup investor

The wealth of the Sarowitz family is based on HR technology company Paylocity, which went public in 2014, making the Sarowitz family with a 44% share of the company billionaires. Besides various philanthropic endeavours, 4S Bay Partners, the Sarowitz family office, is an active startup investor. Further investments include Career Karma or Wrapbook. Furthermore, the family office supported the build of the nonprofit Chicago Center for Arts & Technology.

Article Source: PR Newswire
Picture source: Pedro Lastra

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