New Munich Single Family Office Led By Jürgen Engelbrecht

New Munich Single Family Office Led By Jürgen Engelbrecht

A new single family office arises in Munich: former private banker Jürgen Engelbrecht will lead a new family investment firm. Engelbrecht is a former private banker who worked 26 years for German Hypovereinsbank. The entrepreneurial family behind the new family office remains undisclosed.

New Family Office in Grünwald

The headquarter of the new family office led by Engelbrecht will be located in Grünwald, a municipality in the district of Munich. Grünwald is known for its wealthy inhabitants and its many family offices and investment firms. Another well-known single family office in Grünwald is German billionaire Hermann Thiele’s Stella Vermögensverwaltung, who has a new Chief Investment Officer since last year. For the new family office, Engelbrecht targets ” a cooperative portfolio management style”. The family office will work together with different asset managers with own target areas. The combination of the different strengths and weaknesses of the different asset managers shall result in a balanced portfolio.

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