List of 3 European Multi Family Offices investing in ETFs

List of 3 European Multi Family Offices investing in ETFs

This article directly stems from the research process for our European multi family office database. Our list of European multi-family offices includes the most important European family investment vehicles that invest in promising startups, emerging markets, real estate, ETFs, and fixed-income ventures.

In this article, three European multi-family Offices that actively pursue ventures in Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) will be discussed. ETFs are an interesting proposition for family offices as it allows for the diversification of portfolio, provide security and reduce brokerage fees. All of the multi-family offices included in this research can be found on our list of the largest European multi-family offices which is linked above.

1) BCB & Partners S.A (Origer, Luxembourg)

BCB & Partners S.A is an independent asset manager based in Luxembourg that is 100% owned by its partners. The firm is active in three main financial sectors: wealth management, investment advice, and brokerage of financial instruments. Since its inception in 2001, the Luxembourg-based group was originally founded by three Swiss financial experts who then recruited two additional partners to undertake family office and asset management services. With regard to wealth management, the firm seeks ventures that guarantee return, security, and liquidity. As a result, BCB identifies promising ETFs in order to provide return and diversification to its client’s portfolios.

2) Perennity (Paris, France)

The Paris-based group offers a holistic approach when providing financial and administrative services for its clients. Perennity is headquartered in Paris but is actively supporting its clients across the globe. Its in-house team of financial advisors are experts in identifying elusive listed and unlisted investments which can provide value and diversification for its clients. Perennity is able to provide rapid reaction to market fluctuations and vigilance of index values when managing their client’s ETF portfolio, therefore, ensuring security and insurance.

3) Isola Capital Group (Brussels, Belgium)

The Brussels-based asset manager and multi-family office provider were founded by a core of families from Asia and Europe. Isola Capital was established with the aim of preserving generational wealth for its client’s thanks to its financial expertise. The Belgium firm not only invests in promising ventures but also strategically support a number of expanding private investments. With regards to ETFs and listed funds, the group work in partnership with Secure Wealth Management in order to provide ETF opportunities to their clients with a full ESG overlay.

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