List of 3 European Emerging Markets Single Family Office Investors

List of 3 European Emerging Markets Single Family Office Investors

This article directly stems from the research process for our European single family office database. Our list of European single-family offices includes the most important European family investment vehicles that invest in promising startups, emerging markets, real estate, and fixed-income ventures.


This research includes three single-family offices based in Europe that have a keen interest in emerging markets. Emerging markets provide an opportunity for family offices to invest in a market that allows for portfolio diversification, rapid growth rates, less competition, and reduced government restrictions. All of the family offices included in this research that specialize in family office investments can be found on our list of the largest European single-family offices.

1) JAJ Investment Group (Luxembourg, Switzerland)

JAJ investment group is a single-family office that operates on the behalf of Jacques Chahine, the found of SICAV Digital Funds and JCF Group. Besides emerging markets, the Swiss firm invests in three key areas: commercial property, equity acquisitions, and asset management. JAJ invests in major capital markets and emerging markets through various investment instruments such as equities, fixed income, forex, and swaps. The Swiss firm is vastly experienced in identifying promising start-ups and offering mezzanine loans in order to accelerate their growth. JAJ has invested in numerous start-ups located across the UK, France, and Luxembourg.

2) Jokela Capital (Zurich, Switzerland)

Jokela Capital is an expert in identifying and investing in growth-phase companies. The Swiss firm manages a portfolio that contains both private and listed companies. Jokela seeks companies that require support and offer value, the Swiss firm has become an active owner of small and growing companies such as Minuntalli, Pockethunt, and FinnForel. Whereas its listed investments are targeted toward long-term capital appreciation with moderate risk. All of the investments must meet its investment principles which are as follows: growth, profitability, dividend, and equity ratio. The Swiss firm not only makes direct investments in developed markets but also actively seeks indirect investments in emerging markets.

3) H14 (Milan, Italy)

Headquartered in Milan, H14 is an Italian single-family office that is a qualified shareholder of Fininvest, one of Europe’s largest media groups. The Italian firm is active across many markets such as: direct investments in venture and growth capital, private equity funds, hedge funds, and capital markets. H14’s region of focus is mainly North America and Europe, the firm has developed a successful track record operating in these areas. However, H14 is also seeking investments in Emerging markets in order to create value and rapid growth. The Italian firm has a special focus on becoming long-term partners with digital entrepreneurs in order to strengthen its position and strategic network.

Picture source: Ryo Tanaka

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