Berlusconi Single Family Office Invests In Logistics Startup

berlusconi single family office invests in startup

The Berlin-based logistics startup Sennder works on digital freight forwarding solutions. Through Sennder’s platform, companies can book transports, provided by over 7,500 vehicles and drivers. A recent $70M funding round includes various notable investors. Amongst others, the Italian Berlusconi single family office H14.

Sennder Working On Full-Truck-Load Efficiency

Sennder’s main goal is to optimze the loads of trucking companies and to efficiently organize transports. The startup is specialized on so called Full Truck Loads (FTL). FTL comprises loads that fill up a whole truck. Exemplary for Full Truck Loads are bulk food transports. FTL transports are normally faster and more expensive than regular transports (since a complete load is blocked for one customer). Sennder optimizes FTL transport by various means: improving the communication between truckers, GPS implementation for tracking and arrival estimating and digital invoicing tools. Sennder is cooperating with notable companies like DKV Euro Service or Scania (truck producer).

Berlusconi Family Office Investing in $70M Funding Round

The recent $70M Series C funding round was led by venture capital fund Lakestar. Other investors include Next47 (Siemens), Accel, HV Holtzbrinck Ventures, Scania Growth Capital, Project A and H14. Holding Italiana Quattordicesima (H14) is a family office related with the Berlusconi family. The Berlusconi family is led by former Italian prime minister and billionaire Silvio Berlusconi. His net worth is estimated at $8B. H14 invests in various asset classes, amongst others in private equity, venture capital, hedge funds and capital markets. Other investments of the Berlusconi family office include FlixMobility, Tradeshift, wefox or ContentSquare.

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