Analysis: 31% of single family offices in Belgium invest in capital markets [2024]

Analysis: 31% of single family offices in Belgium invest in capital markets

We created this article as part of our research process for our European single-family office database. Here, we are investigating the share of Belgian single-family offices that invest in capital markets, either directly or through external asset managers.

In total, we know from 10 single-family offices in Belgium that they certainly are focused on Financial Products / Capital Markets. This represents a share of 31%. We note that the actual share might be higher, since several family offices do not disclose their capital market investment strategy.

Belgium has a well-developed financial industry, which is also shown by the European stock exchange EURONEXT which has its headquarters in Brussels. Also, the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) provides a solid regulatory environment, making capital market investments, e.g. in stocks, bonds or derivatives, a reasonable choice for Belgian family offices.

Six Belgian family offices that invest in capital markets have their office in Brussels. As the capital city of Belgium and home to many international institutions such as NATO and the EU, Brussels is a major hub for financial services. It boasts a highly skilled workforce, advanced infrastructure, and robust regulatory framework that makes it an attractive destination for investment in financial products. Also many family offices from Ghent invest in capital markets.

Capital market single-family office investor from Ghent: Baltisse

Baltisse serves as the family office of the Balcaen family, which has its roots in family firms Balta and IVC, which were sold in 2004 to Doughty Hanson and in 2015 to Mohawk Industries. Today, besides investing in private equity and real estate, the family office operates an active capital market investment strategy. Mainly, the single family offices builds a portfolio of publicly traded growth companies. The main investment focus lies on the US and Europe, while always keeping an eye open for “exceptional opportunities”.

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Picture source: Den Harrson

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