List of 300 Venture Capital Single Family Offices Europe [2024]

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The list includes 354 single family offices that are active in venture capital, thereof 293 with E-Mail address, 234 with executive names. Free updates within one year are included in the purchase price, a preview file of the underlying European list is available. The last update of the list was published on May 15th, 2024.

Suitable for mailings: The list contains columns for formal salutation, title, and the first and last name of the management.

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List of 3 important European venture capital single family offices

The venture capital asset class is getting increasingly popular amongst family investment vehicles from Europe. Either by investments in funds, direct investments or co-investments: investing in young companies is “en vogue”. In the following, we are introducing you to three exciting family office startup investors.

1. Holnest (Lyon, France)

Jean-Michel Aulas is the founder of software development firm Cegid and owner of Olympique Lyonnais. His net worth is estimated over €600M. His family office invests in sports (holding of OL), real estate and venture capital. The family office has a dedicated business angel and investment branch, called “Club Holnest”. Investments include laponi, Workelo, Pixyl or beeye.

Update 2022: Holnest remains an important European family office that invests in venture capital. For example, the firm invested in fermentation monitoring software provider MyBacchus’ €2M seed round.

2. Dig Ventures (London, UK)

In 2018, MuleSoft was sold in a $6.5BN transaction to Salesforce. Owner and founder of MuleSoft was Ross Mason, who then launched his venture capital-focused single family office DIG.Ventures. The VC family office is focused on pre-seed and seed B2B SaaS and fintech opportunities in Europe and the United States. Portfolio companies include Comply Advantage, Rasa or

Update 2022: Dig Ventures steadily invests in new deals, also on a large scale. In April 2022, the firm invested in Reveal’s $50M Series A, together with Eight Roads, Chalfen Ventures and other investors. Reveal is a partner ecosystem management software.

Update 2024: Also in the past year, Dig Ventures remained active as a European venture capital family office investor. For instance, the firm invested in Tidalflow’s $1.7M funding round. The Amsterdam-based startup works on developing a platform to develop LLM-compatible solutions.

3. Reimann Investors (Munich, Germany)

The Reimann-Dubbers family launched its family office Reimann Investors in 2006. In recent years, the family office also opened its doors to external investors. One main investment vertical of the family office is growth-driven startups in the German-speaking region. A special focus lies on digital commerce, fintech and SaaS startups. Investment stages range from Series A to Series C. Portfolio companies include biodentis, commercetools, usercentrics (already exited) or Klarna (through sale of Sofort Überweisung).

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Database of European family offices that invest in venture capital

Single family offices are getting increasingly important in Europe’s venture capital landscape. We offer a unique database of European single family offices who invest in venture capital. Our list helps to identify the most important SFOs who invest in startups and young companies. The investment focus of the listed family investment firms varies widely. Some rather engage in seed rounds, while other are accompanying startups up-to Series C or Pre-IPO rounds.

Investment stages: from Seed to Series C

Europe’s family offices are investing in startups like other venture capital funds. Hot topics are software startups with SaaS solutions, digital ideas, retail companies or new technologies. A good example therefore is the Reimann-Dubbers family office Reimann Investors. The German sfo focuses on digital growth companies in startups in the German-speaking region. Reimann Investors is investing in all phases, from Pre Series-A to Series C investments. The family office already managed some notable exits like the payment provider SOFORT (which was sold to Klarna) or Vimeda. Current portfolio companies include Keller Sports, Klarna or usercentrics. On the other hand there are many SFOs who rather serve as “business angel family offices” and invest in really young companies and ideas.

Advantages of VC investments for family investment vehicles

We can see a clear trend of an increasing number of single family offices engaging in startup and venture capital investments. There are many reason for it: returns in other asset classes are on a record low level, while venture capital investments can sometimes be extraordinarily lucrative. Furthermore, many entrepreneurial single family offices want to leverage their expertise and network through investments in startups. Their contacts and often-related family businesses make them interesting funding partners for young companies.

Contact details, executives and detailed investment focus

Our list helps all companies and startups who are interested in venture capital single family offices. Within seconds after the download of our list, the relevant single family offices can be identified. The list offers detailed information about the investment focus, contact details, executives and family information (wealth, name, family office structure). We offer as much information as publicly available. In many cases we can offer email addresses, websites and executive names. We offer detailed information about the exact investment focus: which funding rounds are targeted, which industries are relevant, how big are the investment tickets, etc.

Featured venture capital deals

As part of our service, we regularly report about current Family Office deals. Of course, we also cover the venture capital sector and inform you about exciting financing rounds. In the following, we would like to present some notable single family office investments in order to demonstrate the importance of single family offices for European venture capital. If you want to be kept up-to-date, we recommend visiting our website on a regular basis. Also, if you know of any relevant single family office that is an active venture capital investor, we would be very happy about a short message.

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