These are the 3 wealthiest Scandinavian billionaires with family offices

Nordics billionaires investment groups

Our database of the largest Scandinavian single family offices is a perfect tool in order to get to know about the investment groups of the wealthiest people in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway. In this article we are highlighting three of the richest families and their family offices from our list.

1. A.P. Moller Holding A/S (Møller-Maersk family office)

The Møller family is considered the richest family in Denmark and our database includes its family investment group, A.P. Moller Holding A/S. At the end of 2021, A.P. Moller Holding A/S announced the acquisition of the diagnostics company Unilabs. With this acquisition, the investment company expands the portfolio with the promising business area of medical technology. The most significant investment is in A. P. Møller-Mærsk, the world’s largest container shipping company. The family holding company also holds shares in Danske Bank, the packaging and recycling specialist Faerch and Maersk Drilling – just to name a few.

2. Ramsbury Invest AB (Stefan Persson family office)

Stefan Persson is the richest Swedish man of the present day and owns about one-third of the fashion group H&M, which was founded by his father. His secretive single family office Ramsbury Invest is an active property investor with a portfolio of real estate in London, Paris and Stockholm. However, the investments of Ramsbury Invest are not solely focused on real estate. For instance, the biotherapeutics focused venture fund Sound Bioventures has been funded by Stefan Persson’s family office.

3. Investition AB Latour (Gustaf Douglas family office)

Gustaf Douglas is one of the wealthiest Swedish people and founded his investment holding Investition AB Latour in 1984. Latour is one of the most relevant investment firms in the Nordics, holding shares in global players such as Assa Abloy, Securitas, Bemsiq, Caljan, Hultafors Group and more. However, Investition AB Latour is not the only investment company of Gustaf Douglas. Another family office is called Förvaltnings AB Wasatornet, based in Stockholm.

Picture source: Robert Bye (17.05.2022)

The presented family offices are included in our unique Nordics Single Family Office List. Our list contains the most important investment vehicles of wealthy families from Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway, so-called Single Family Offices. These invest in capital markets, real estate, private equity, venture capital and alternative asset classes.

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